Scotland's Love Affair With Seaweed

Until now, I didn't know that seaweed has been foraged and eaten on the coasts of Scotland for generations. I've never visited Scotland before, and the country remains somewhat like a beautiful fairy land to me, which is infused with landscape images from The Game of Thrones (yes, I love the show even though I wonder about the attraction of its violent content -- sorry I'm side tracked here). So, opening the box that arrived from T Magazine full of fresh seaweed foraged in Scotland was a sweet treat. I breathed in the ocean smell, and went, ooh, ahh. You can see the article here in T Magazine. Smoked Dulce seaweed is probably not meant to be eaten with a bowl of rice, but I'm a Japanese person so I couldn't help the temptation. After the shoot, the remaining seaweed was happily eaten by my 4 year old son (last picture) and myself.